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Top-Quality Home Care Services

Nursing, home health aides and other home care services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

Expert Home Care offers nursing, home health aides and other home care services in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. We provide a wide range of at-home and health-related services and will customize a care plan to suit your specific needs.

Home Health Aides

Home Health Aides

At Expert Home Care, we know that home health aides must do more than just assisting patients with bathing, toileting and grooming. It’s also about providing companionship and building trust at a time when patients and their family members are most vulnerable. Our qualified home health aides are rigorously trained and offer a special brand of personal, compassionate care. They are experts at lifting and assisting with mobility issues – and play an important role in fall prevention as well. Additionally, they serve as the ‘eyes and ears’ for doctors and nurses, as they are often the first to notice a change in the patient’s condition.

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Expert’s Home Care’s home health aides are trained to:

  • Assist with activities of daily living

  • Transport and accompany patients to appointments

  • Administer simple prescribed medications

  • Assist with client’s personal care activities (hygiene and grooming)

  • Monitor patients (such as vital signs, temperature, and respiration) and report on their condition

  • Maintain patients care records and document provided services

  • Assist patients with mobility and physical therapies/exercises

  • Instruct and counsel patients and families on diet and exercise

  • Collect routine specimens

  • Provide companionship and offer basic emotional support

  • Light cleaning, cooking and household work such as changing bed linens and laundry

Other functions of our Skilled Nurses (RNs) include:

  • Responsible for the client’s Care Plan and serves as the primary healthcare coordinator

  • Oversees other members of the health care team, including home health aides, personal aides and therapists

  • Collaborates with physicians to ensure compliance with treatments and prescribed medications

  • Secures needed medical services

  • Assists with lifestyle transitions

  • Maintains client records and assessments


Skilled Nurses

Expert Home Care’s highly skilled registered nurses function as the all-around health advocate for our clients’ needs. They visit patients at home with regular frequency, are available day and night, and have in-depth knowledge and experience with all known medical conditions. Additionally, they are responsible for developing and maintaining the client’s individual Care Plan, and coordinate between the patient, family members, doctors, home aides and therapists to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goals. Our RNs administer medication, communicate directly with doctors, monitor patient recovery and progress, and educate home health aides in the specifics of each client’s case. Most importantly, they work hand-in-hand with patients and their loved ones on disease prevention, post-hospital treatment, and recovery.

Skilled Nurses

Personal Care Aides

At Expert Home Care, our personal care aides take great pride in their ability to provide trusted companionship and ensure patients are comfortable in their homes. They operate under the direct supervision of an Expert Nurse Supervisor and observe the patient’s behavior, mood and rate-of-adjustment at home – providing constant and detailed feedback that can be used to enhance or modify the client’s individual care plan.



Expert’s personal care aides generally perform common household tasks and also engage clients in daily activities like reading, talking, and playing games. They may also consult with family members to address concerns regarding the client’s health, nutrition, and overall well-being.

Personal Care Aides

Common household tasks include:

  • Routine housekeeping such as cleaning bathrooms and dusting/vacuuming in rooms used by the patient

  • Changing linens and making beds

  • Washing dishes and doing laundry

  • Help with grocery shopping and watering plants

  • Light cooking and preparation of appetizing and nutritious meals according to prescribed diet plan

  • Accompany patient to appointments and community activities

  • Companionship including social/emotional support, hobbies, reading and conversation

  • Other tasks as needed


Rehabilitation & Therapy

Expert Home Care’s team of rehabilitation therapists specialize in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy.  They work with the Nurse Supervisor and assure continuity of – and adherence to – the patient’s therapeutic plan following discharge from a hospital, rehabilitation center or prescription by a doctor.

Rehabilitation & Therapy

Available therapy services include:

  • Instructing patients, families, and caregivers in home exercise programs

  • Training with, recommending and/or providing assistive equipment

  • Post-program: recommendations for outpatient care, additional therapy, or home health follow-up regimens


Medical Social Workers

Care for your condition goes well beyond physical health. Emotional, spiritual, and financial factors all play a role in the recovery process. Often, it is the patient’s family members and loved ones who bear the biggest burden – which can sometimes cause their own well-being to suffer.



At Expert Home Care, we understand the toll that caregiving can take. That’s why we offer a wide array of social services and experienced medical social workers who can guide you and direct you to supplemental resources available in your community and through your health insurance. Our medical social workers provide support to both patients and family members in the forms of discharge planning, psychosocial counseling, grief counseling, case management, and referrals. Some of the topics they counsel on include: catastrophic disability, terminal illness, end of life decisions, independent living resources, and depression.

Medical Social Workers

Expert Home Care’s medical social services include:

  • Frequent assessment and reassessment of the patient’s social, environmental or economic conditions

  • Coordination with patient, family members, health care team members and doctors to prevent or address social, emotional or environmental issues relating to patient’s health factors

  • Referrals to available community resources

  • Assistance with placement in in nursing homes or other medical institutions

  • Financial aid assistance

  • Crisis intervention and counseling

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